Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

OE17M - International Marconi Day Special Event Station

The Amateur Radio Section of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and the Documentary Archive Radio Communications/QSL Collection will operate for 72 hours only, a special event station with the callsign OE17M on Friday, April 21st­Sunday, April 23rd (00:00-24:00 UTC).

OE17M is an official "International Marconi Day" station.

Contacts made on Saturday, April 22nd, are valid for the IMD Award.

QSL info available at:

Via Alokesh Gupta

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Special AIR programmes on 70th Indo-Russia ties anniversary

The All India Radio (AIR) will broadcast special programmes on its domestic and external network to mark the 70th anniversary of Indo-Russia diplomatic relationship.

Details at :

Via Alokesh Gupta

Thursday, March 30, 2017

BBC makes 1920s Radio Times magazines available

The BBC has made the earliest issues of the complete Radio Times magazines 1923-1929 publicly available online for the first time

This release is part of the BBC Genome Project - a digitised searchable database of programme listings - from 1923 to the end of 2009.

More at :

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Airspy unveils Airspy HF+ specs

Airspy has unveiled details of upcoming Airspy HF+ at :

Technical specifications

HF coverage between DC .. 31 MHz
VHF coverage between 60 .. 260 MHz
-138 dBm MDS at 500Hz bandwidth in HF
-142 dBm MDS at 500Hz bandwidth in VHF
+26 dBm IIP3 on HF at maximum gain
+13 dBm IIP3 on VHF at maximum gain
110 dB dynamic range in HF
95 dB dynamic range in VHF
120 dB Image Rejection
Very low phase noise PLL (-110 dBc/Hz @ 1kHz separation @ 100 MHz)
+10 dBm Maximum RF input
No Silicon RF switch to introduce IMD in the HF path
Routable RF inputs
Wide Band RF filter bank
Tracking RF filters
Sharp IF filters
Smart AGC with real time optimization of the gain distribution
All RF inputs are matched to 50 ohms
2 x High Dynamic Range Sigma Delta ADCs @ up to 36 MSPS
600 kHz alias and image free output
18 bit Digital Down Converter (DDC)
0.5 ppm high precision, low phase noise clock
4 x Programmable GPIO's
No drivers required! 100% Plug-and-play on Windows Vista, Seven, 8, 8.1 and 10
Industrial Operating Temperature: -45°C to 85°C

Friday, December 16, 2016

RTI Listeners meet 2016

The English service is more than happy to meet Indian listeners in early December, after an eight-year hiatus. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Alokesh Gupta and Dr. T. Jaisakthivel for helping make the two events successful. On December 3rd in Chennai, Carlson Wong and Paula Chao were warmly received by listeners whose sincerity, hospitality and passion will always be remembered. The get-together in Delhi on December 4th was also a fond memory. Like RTI Chairperson Lu Ping said in Delhi, listeners's support has helped linked the two countries together and prompted RTI to grow and better improve its broadcasts.
(Source: RTI Website)

The very severe Cyclone Vardah damage AIR Chennai

The very severe Cyclone Vardah made landfall in Chennai on 12 Dec 2016 noon creating lot  damages.

My observations of AIR Chennai.

All India Radio, Chennai was noted off air SW 7380 kHz from  at 0830 UTC on 12 Dec 2016 . They were heard past 0800 with weather warnings. The External Services via Chennai on 7270 at 1000-1100, 1115-1215 was  also missing. However the Home Service was noted on 4920 at 1200. MW transmission on 720 kHz is also noted as usual.

 The complete SW schedule of AIR Chennai is:

4920  50 kW 0015-0245 1200-1739
7380  50 kW 0300-0930 (Sun 1130)
7270 100 kW 0000-0045 Tamil, 0045-0115 Sinhala,  0130-0430 HS, 1000-1100 English, 1115-1215 Tamil, 1300-1500 Sinhala
Via Jose Jacob

Thursday, December 01, 2016

RTI Listener Club in Delhi and Chennai, India

Radio Taiwan International will attend luncheons organized by RTI Listeners' Club in Delhi and Chennai.

If you are interested in attending, please register with us first. Only those with valid RTI passes will be admitted.

The application process for an RTI pass is as such:

1. The registration deadline is November 28, 2016.

2. Please state your name, address, cellphone #, and RTI ID in your email.

3. We will send you an email confirmation after November 28, 2016 .

4. Scheduled lunch dates are as follows:

   December 3 (Saturday), 2016 at 11:00 AM in Chennai, India
   December 4 (Sunday), 2016 at 11 AM in Delhi, India

5. For each email, please state in the SUBJECT line (ONE of the following):

CHENNAI LUNCHEON (if you wish to attend the lunch in Chennai, India)
DELHI LUNCHEON (if you wish to attend the lunch in Delhi, India)

6. Venues will be given in the email confirmation which you will receive after Nov. 28.

7. RTI will accept applications by email only. Our email address is:

8. Since there is limited space for each luncheon, we can only allow those with email confirmation to enter. Please print out and bring the confirmation along with you on the day of the luncheon. Once the number of participants has reached capacity, registration will be closed without further notice.